An outlet for my obsession

by clumsylawyer

I’m getting married next year.  Such has been true for a long time, but these days it seems more real than ever.  We have been engaged for a long time (though that is a story for another day) and in October took the plunge and actually booked our venue.

The thing is this.  There’s still over a year before we get married (411 days, not that I’m counting…) and various things can’t (or don’t need to) be done yet.  We’ve got our venue sorted for the date we wanted and that’s the big ticket item.  Telling myself this doesn’t stop me thinking about it though!

This year I’ve been a student on a course which doesn’t challenge me enough and leaves me with far too much free time on my hands, leading to an unhealthy obsession with scouring the internet for wedding inspiration.  I have decided to start keeping a blog as this summer will see the end of my education, and my final summer before starting work, during which I can finally start planning my and A Man’s wedding.  I look forward to sharing it with you.