A Date to Remember

by clumsylawyer

Throughout our wedding planning process, one thing has stood firm and unchangeable.  The date.  We have been flexible about other things, but that date was important to us, and it was something that I particularly wouldn’t budge on (hence The Longhouse making it immediately to our ‘No’ pile).

A Man and I technically first met when we were 11, but I don’t count it as I never got to know him.  We attended different schools in the same town, and a group of ‘Gifted and Talented’ kids from his and another school in the town came to my school for a three-day science event.  We hardly spoke, and I was warned that he was ‘weird’ so we left one another alone.

A couple of years later, our schools got together again, this time to arrange a camp for advanced mathematics (we really were both massive geeks).  We travelled to Kilve Court for a week, to work on team-building, ‘adventure’ activities and (of course) advanced maths.  A Man and I were in the same group and ended up working together on a lot of the projects we had to do and we got on really well together.  I ended up spending more time with him and his group of friends than my own friends from school.

Me and A Man, aged 14. Yes, I’m standing in a wardrobe. Yes, he’s showing off his beautiful sumo-thong and bandana made from paper.  It’s probably easier if I don’t explain.

Once the week was up and we had swapped contact details, we all went our separate ways.  Everyone on the camp had got on so well together that I decided we should meet later in the summer.  Everyone went out bowling, then  back to mine for pizza.  Over time, some of the friendships blossomed while others fizzled out.  A Man and I became incredibly close, until it got to the point we were phoning each other every weekend and meeting up as often as we could, cycling the 5 miles or so to one another’s houses.  He became my best friend.

The maths camp which heralded the start of our relationship began on 20th July 2003.  Our wedding day is 20th July 2013 – 10 years to the day that we met.  It also happens to be on a Saturday, meaning that hopefully many of our friends and family will be able to join us to celebrate.  Of course, a Saturday in the middle of summer means that the cost of our wedding is astronomical in comparison with mid-week autumnal nuptials.  But we’ve been waiting a long time for this day, and the money we lay out will be very well spent as it wraps up our first decade as friends and lovers, and heralds the start of a new era as husband and wife.