“So, what’s your theme?”

by clumsylawyer

This is a question a lot of people have asked me when they find out that we’re getting married (or, if we’ve known them for a long time, that we’ve set a date).  In truth we don’t have one; at least not something named.  Honestly, I think the ‘theme’ thing is more of an American thing which hasn’t fully made its way over here yet but of course I could be wrong about that.  I’ve run across a number of different theme trends in blogs on the web but none of them were quite for us…

Disclaimer – Please don’t be offended if anything I say here pertains to your wedding!  These are my points of view and I completely realise that everyone else is entitled to their own 😉


By far the most popular theme at the moment appears to run along the lines of the vintage.  Birdcage veils, jam jars (although most people are inclined to call them mason jars, which might be an American thing..?) and slightly kitsch touches with a DIY feel are all in.

What I like

Dress photo from shortweddingdress.com; flowers from bride.ca

Short wedding dresses are so cute but I won’t be wearing one as I wear this kind of 50s style dress lots anyway (plus I do not want to subject my guests to looking at my chunky bruised legs all day!) and want to wear something different for our wedding.  The understated flowers are something I might pick up, but as neither of us are particularly bothered about flowers I’m not even sure if we’ll have any at all.

What I don’t like

Burlap photo from ohsobeautifulpaper.com; dress from dressingvogue.com

Burlap on everything!  I don’t think it looks rustic,  I think it looks unfinished and the same goes for string and twine.  But maybe that’s just me.  Also long lace sleeves.  I’m not really a fan on anything more than capped sleeves on wedding dresses anyway, but to me those dresses look dated, rather than vintage or classical.  My mum had a lace dress with long sleeves and was beautiful on her wedding day, but there’s no way I want my dress in 2013 to look like hers did in 1987 (although the dress itself was older than that as it was her aunt’s).  Never before have I been so glad that I’m so much huger than Mum was at 19…  I’m also not a fan of cupcakes.  They can look like miniature works of art, but let’s be honest; they’re just vessels for carrying large amounts of frosting to your mouth.  I’d much rather a slab of moist fruit cake, thanks very much!

Geek Chic

It seems that all of a sudden, people are proud to be geeky!  And that’s fine by me 🙂  This sort of theme is great for couples who are teachers or who met doing something nerdy *cough* maths camp *cough*

What I like

Chalkboard picture from tabithaemma.com; Scrabble from weddingphotography.com

So adorable!  Chalkboards could be quite versatile, so it’s something I’ll have a think about.  I love the idea of everyone having Scrabble tiles as their place card like in the picture above, but can only imagine how expensive it would end up being if we did it.  *sigh*  Besides, the Scrabble tiles would reflect me better than A Man – I almost always beat him as he’s much better with numbers and logic than words.

What I don’t like

Love photo from jeantsai.com; moustaches from hillcitybride.com

OK, that photo of the Scrabble letters?  It’s been done.  As have all of the other vomit-worthy words about weddings (particularly if those words include the letter O in order to facilitate the use of the rings).  Enough already.  The same goes for the moustaches on sticks.  Whoever came up with the idea in the first place; it was pretty funny.  Now it’s been redone and redone and redone?  It’s really going to date your photos to that time period when people thought that was funny.  You know the embarrassment your Aunt Daisy has about forcing all her bridesmaids to dress in puffy peach-coloured satin because it was just so in?  Yeah, imagine trying to explain to your kids in 10 years’ time why you’re holding a moustache on a stick.  Then imagine the tragic look they’ll give you.  Also, I don’t like the fact that someone else came up with the Scrabble bits before me 🙂

Destination Destination Destination

I love the idea of subtly referencing your venue in some of your wedding  details, whether you’re flying somewhere exotic, holding your reception in a high-class art gallery or quite literally organising a piss-up in a brewery.

What I like

Passport from weddinginvitationdesigner.com; corkboard from weddingbee.com

The ‘passport’ and ‘boarding card’ invitations which I’ve seen popping up on the web for those who are marrying abroad are some of my absolute favourites, and they’re not quite ubiquitous enough to have become predictable.  The corkboard on the right was made by a lady who was marrying in a vineyard, and she used hundreds of individual corks to do it.  She’s going to use it to pin her escort cards onto, and will be able to use it in her home afterwards.  Absolutely love it!  I’m not sure which features we might be able to bring in to highlight our venue, but I’ll let you know if I think of anything 😉

What I don’t like

Shell photo from thebeachhouse.weebly.com; unity sand from rocquils.blogspot.co.uk

Beach ceremonies can be beautiful.  They also have a lot of potential to rub me up the wrong way for either really overplaying the beach aspect (“I’m going to cover everything in seashells!  The invitations, the tables, the favours, the cake…”) or for being far too sentimental.  So-called ‘unity sand’ ceremonies annoy me, especially when they use heart-shaped vases like above.  Something about coloured sand in jars is, to me, reminiscent of holiday souvenirs as a kid and while it was fine then, it makes me cringe a little when used in weddings.

Which trends will you be incorporating or avoiding for your wedding?  What do you think about the themes I’ve discussed above?