Truly inspirational

by clumsylawyer

Yesterday I talked about the different wedding themes I’ve spied on the internet, and the elements I will and will not be incorporating but I never said anything about how I see our wedding playing out.

I have one person in particular who’s my main wedding inspiration: Cousin E.

Cousin E with my dad on her wedding day

Cousin E is one of the most laid-back people I know.  Her wedding was on 19th July 2008 and it was the most fun wedding I’ve ever attended.  She’s not one to do things just because it’s traditional or because people say you should, and because of that her wedding day was a perfect reflection of her personality – she included the bits she cared about.  Everyone had a few drinks, caught up with people they hadn’t seen for ages, had a good old boogie and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  That’s what I want from our wedding; for people to say “That was good fun,” and for our day to remind them of me and A Man.  There’s also the huge advantage that Mum did an awful lot to help Cousin E with her wedding, so she’s well-practised for helping me with mine!

So, although we won’t have a theme, here are some of the key things I want to incorporate into the day:

Understated Elegance
Neither of us are particularly ‘posh’, but we do enjoy dressing up and showing off a bit.  Here’s a case in point:

Me and A Man at the 2009 Magdalen College, University of Oxford Commemoration Ball with friends C and P (who are getting married next month!)

So it’s important for us to look and feel fabulous.  Luckily, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue – all wedding gear is designed to make you look and feel fabulous.  But we don’t want to seem too stuffy and stuck up because we’re both…

A Bit Silly
We love to wear fancy dress, play silly games, have fun and generally mess around.  Cases in point…

Dressed as: Iago and Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, in school uniform for a friend’s 21st (with bonus bad dancing) and ready for an 80s night out in Brighton.

Although I draw the line at wearing stupid hats during the ceremony, I’d like to think we can bring a bit of silly fun into our day (otherwise it won’t really be us) and definitely for our stag and hen nights.

A Sense of Adventure
In 2008, we spent 3 months of our gap year travelling and camping around Europe on a motorcycle.  It’s an enormous part of our lives and a really important part of our relationship (we still only have a bike for getting around) and I would love to be able to incorporate it somehow into our day.

Us with the Honda CBF500 on which we carried our entire lives for 3 months.

We never go on ‘standard’ holidays.  Last summer we mooched up to Scotland with some friends to walk the 100 mile West Highland Way, again camping on the way.  The summer before that we went to Hungary and spent several days cycling around the vineyards in blistering heat, despite the fact that Friend E was walking on crutches.  Which brings me to the final important aspect of our wedding…

Friends and Family
We’re both incredibly close to our friends and family.  They’re hugely important to us and the main reason for planning the wedding we’re having is so that we can share this exciting time in our lives with them.  We have a group of mutual friends from home who we used to see every day, but now we’ve all moved across the country we only get together a couple of times a year.  Friend E has now moved to New Zealand (just after our Christmas get-together, hence the puffy, cry-y faces!) and we probably won’t see her at all until just before the wedding.

Last Christmas with friends F, S, P, E, J and L; walking the West Highland Way last summer with P, E and L; sitting in the airport with L, E and S when our plane home from Spain was delayed; ready to go out with our hire bikes in Hungary with L, P and E

We both get on great with each other’s families, and whenever there’s some kind of family get-together we’re both automatically invited.

On holiday in France avec ma famille; building a snowman with A Man’s mum a couple of years ago

So, to sum up.  Our wedding needs to be an elegant do with silly, fun elements thrown in.  There has to be something of an ‘adventurous’  nature, and it has to 100% involve our family and friends.  It looks like we might have our work cut out for us.