Flower Girls and Colouring In

by clumsylawyer

As well as my grown-up bridesmaids, I am asking two little girls to be in my wedding party.  One is A Man’s youngest cousin P.  She’s approaching 5 years old and will be almost 6 on the wedding day.  The other is my friend’s little girl B.  She’ll only be 2 and a half on the big day, so it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.  It won’t matter if one or both of them end up refusing to go down the aisle – at least they’ll look lovely on the day!

B probably won’t really understand what’s going on, and almost certainly won’t remember it afterwards.  P on the other hand would probably like to know more about it and so I was trying to come up with a good way to tell her all about it.  I’ve seen a lot of brides online who have made up activity packs for their younger guests and so the idea came to me of making a kind of story book with pictures for P to colour in.  I’ll also make one for B while I’m at it, even if she won’t understand!

I found these instructions for making your own maps and used the same principle to create an outline drawing of me and A Man.  I’m not quite sure yet whether or not I like it – please give me absolutely honest criticism!

I edited the pictures in Microsoft Paint and Publisher.  They all came from free online resources.  Most were from elitedresses.com, others from printablecolouringpages.co.uk, myactivitymaker.com, freeprintablecoloringpages.net and hassooturk.seesaa.net.

Putting the booklet together was really straightforward.  I used Microsoft Publisher, choosing the Blank 1/2 A4 Booklet template.  From there I simply added the text and pictures that I wanted and pressed print.  It automatically arranges it so that it will print double-sided, in the correct order.  Simple!

Are you doing any DIY for the mini members of your bridal party and guest list?