Spotting the gems

by clumsylawyer

Ever since I was a tiny child, I can always remember having a thing for ‘proper’ picnic hampers.  The ones that you’d see in old films where a couple walks up a hill, her summery dress blowing in the breeze, and they eat a beautifully extravagant picnic, carried in their gorgeous wicker hamper complete (of course) with a delicious vintage wine.

The thing is, those baskets are expensive, not especially practical and certainly not as family-friendly as cool bags and cool boxes, which is what we always used when my family went out for the day when I was a kid.  Wicker picnic baskets are all very romantic but I had come to the conclusion that it was not to be: I would never own one…

Today a university friend, H came to visit for the afternoon and we wandered with A Man into town to go charity shopping.  What did I spy, but the most gorgeous wicker hamper in absolutely pristine condition.

Isn’t she beautiful?

It’s a really good size and was only £13; an absolute bargain if you ask me!  I’m just silly-happy that I now own that holy grail of picnic paraphernalia.  Which is all very well, you may think, but what does it have to do with wedding planning?

Aha, well, there’s the thing.  I plan to turn this little beauty into a card box.  Not in a permanent way (I still want to be able to use it for its intended purpose!) but temporarily for the day of our wedding; my brain is already whirring slightly with exciting plans.  Using old suitcases appears to be quite popular, so something along these lines is what I’m thinking.

I will definitely keep you posted on what ends up happening to it.  For now, I’m just super-excited that I’ve got my gorgeous little hamper!

Did you buy anything for your everyday life which you realised could be used in your wedding?  Did you buy anything for the wedding which you’ve repurposed since marrying?  And have you found anything really exciting in charity shops?