Hen Party Flourless Chocolate Cake

by clumsylawyer

For Friend C’s hen do, I agreed to make a cake.  It was something I had been planning to do anyway, and it allowed Chief Bridesmaid I to save some time for organising other bits.  I had decided to make a chocolate cake (let’s face it, it’s usually a fairly safe bet!) and went for flourless so that it would last a few days (I’ve been so busy, there was no way I could make it just before).

To avoid cluttering up this post, the recipe for the cake is here and the instructions for decoration are here.

Now for some photos.  My inspiration for this cake came from this photo:

Aren’t they so adorable?! Photo from mysweetandsaucy.com

I came across a couple of hitches.  One was that I was a bit rushed for time, and they are time-consuming.  The second was that I could only get very small strawberries, which made it a bit more difficult to do.  But overall, I think it went pretty well.  I even sprayed the ‘bride’ with some edible pearl spray to make her a bit more special 🙂 Now, time to prepare yourself for a bombardment of photos of the chocolate strawberry making process:

1. Melting the chocolate in a double-boiler
2. Dividing up the strawberries
3. Leaving the ‘men’ to dry on greaseproof paper
4. After the ‘ladies’ have been dipped
5. After the jackets have been added
6. The finished cake!