Here Come the Girls

by clumsylawyer

This week I’ve been in Edinburgh for Friend C’s hen do.  Here’s a quick run-down of our ‘weekend’ in the middle of the week:


Travelled by train from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley Station.  Got in the taxi to…

Kirkhill Mansion:

We were very impressed by the mansion.  The atmosphere was really relaxed, the staff were lovely, we were quite happy to come down to breakfast in our pyjamas and we had free reign of all the living areas and kitchen.

Not long after arriving, we made use of the hot tubs and drank some celebratory champagne.  Hooray!  The rest of the evening was spent playing Articulate  (seriously, if you’ve never played it then definitely buy it right now!), eating a yummy meal cooked by the hotel staff, playing silly hen party games (pass the parcel and pin the cock on Colin Firth, anyone?) and watching the start of Made of Honor, at which point we all fell asleep.  We’re such party animals.


Got up for a leisurely breakfast and took a taxi into Edinburgh.  Went for tea at The Elephant House (the café in which JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter), which is reasonably priced and has beautiful views of the Castle.

A very poor photo of Edinburgh Castle, as seen from our table at The Elephant House

This was followed by our being joined by Friend C’s aunt, cousins and little sister for a chocolate making course and fabulous lunch at The Cellar Door; an experience which I would absolutely recommend to anyone (and which I have properly reviewed here).  We got incredibly messy and all had a wonderful afternoon, served and assisted by the lovely Leo and Jenni.

Sitting down for lunch at The Cellar Door.  On the left: Friends B, RA, I and RM
On the right: Aunt A, Cousin H, Friends H, C and S and sister S

After lunch was a walk to the Castle, a wander around the shops, looking inside the cathedral and yet more tea at The Dome.  We then headed back to the mansion for further hottubbing, spaghetti bolognese, cake, Scruples, gin and dancing.  Hooray!


Breakfast was followed by a last dip in the hot tub and another game of Scruples.  The plan to go home was somewhat scuppered by severe flooding and a landslide, resulting in our train being turned back and us staying at Friend I’s house, but this just gave us the opportunity to watch the end of Made of Honour 😉  The journey home was 28 hours long by the time I got home, and I was very glad for my bed!

RA and C showing off the plaque on the side of the train. Somewhat ironic, given that it ought to have been a 4 hour journey!

I loved the fact that C’s hen party was so varied – a combination of activities and chilling out, drinking tea and drinking gin, playing games and dancing like loons.  Have you been to any hen/bachelorette parties recently?  What ideas do you have for your own?