Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

by clumsylawyer

The more I read wedding blogs, the more often I see one name: Christian Louboutin.  Specifically I read of ‘strassed’ shoes.

Christian Louboutin N°Prive Riche, image from

It seems that ever increasing numbers of brides want to make a statement with their shoes.  There are countless online tutorials for how to strass your own shoes, whether with Swarovski crystals

Halfway through the process.  Aure’s DIY strassed shoes, image from

or with glitter

Miss Beanstalk’s DIY blue and orange glitter heels, image from

Where the shoes don’t sparkle, there’s often something notable about them.  As is evident from the above two pictures, it’s very popular to have your shoes as your ‘something blue’, or if not blue then another bright colour, usually to tie in with the wedding colours.

I’m not really particularly good at wearing heels.  I occasionally come across a pair I cam wear, but even they usually end up kicked under the table when I go out.  For my wedding day, I want to be comfortable, and that more or less automatically meant that pretty little heels were struck off the list.

When my mum got married, she solved the comfy shoes dilemma by wearing ballet slippers.  Had I not found my shoes, I would have seriously considered this, but it was actually a surprisingly simple task.  Most of the time, I live in Dr Martens.  I treated myself to my first pair for my 17th birthday, and the more I wear them the comfier they get.  They’re more or less indestructible, supportive and thanks to their design team no longer restricted to black or oxblood workmen’s boots.  Even better, you can now get Docs with heels!

I first discovered the Darcie boot when I used to work in a shoe shop.  They were then featured on Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix and their popularity exploded.

DM Darcie, image from

They started to be produced in all sorts of different colours and fabrics and eventually I came across these on the DM website:

Image from

They were making them in white!  But they never seemed to have my size in stock.  I think they may have discontinued them (as they never appeared to be re-stocked in my size and have since vanished from the site) so I ended up buying them over Ebay and having them shipped from America.  They arrived in November and I now wear them around the house occasionally to break them in.  I hope that I’ll be able to wear them all day and all night long (though I do fear slightly that my feet may get a little warm).  The laces are to be replaced with white ribbon, and my mum’s convinced we need to ‘do something’ about the black heels – I get the feeling they may be either spray painted or coated in pearlised glitter.

So there we have it – I already had my shoes when I went dress shopping (probably fortuitous, as it meant I could check that the dress would be long enough!) and made sure I bought something to reflect who I am.  Have you bought your wedding shoes?  Are you going for something super-stylish or something to make a statement about yourself?