Beauty is only skin deep

by clumsylawyer

Or so goes the old adage.  But let’s face it, we’re all a little bit on the vain side, and everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day.  Everyone will be looking at you (with good reason; you’re the reason they’re there!), hundreds of photos will likely be taken of you which will immortalise you however you look, and this is the day you are declaring your love for your other half; you want to look your best for him or her, don’t you?

I’m not exactly known for being particularly bothered about my appearance.  At school I was a fairly late bloomer in terms of fashion, makeup, and hairstyling, and it took me a while to find and be comfortable with my own sense of style.  I have a feeling it had quite a lot to do with my growing up with 3 brothers – I had no one to experiment with on all these things.  I was also (and still am) incredibly flat-chested, and had managed to convince myself that, as boys wouldn’t be interested in me, there was no point in making the effort for them.

A good example of me not caring a damn what I look like. In our tent during our European tour, 2008.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not very good at makeup – I’ve never really bothered with it.  When other girls were trying to get away with plastering on as much as they could get away with in the early hours before school, I was delivering newspapers.  Yeah, always the cool kid.  My beauty régime consists of washing my face with Wright’s Coal Tar Soap, moisturising it with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (which I’ve used religiously since I was about 11 and I swear it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my face, with the added advantage of being cheap) and occasionally using a face mask during my detox shower-session after karate on a Saturday.

The thing is, I’m always in two minds about this.  On the one hand, not smothering my (slightly sensitive) skin in foundation every day is almost definitely very good for it – I rarely have outbreaks of spots, and it has reasonably even tone.  Besides, I don’t feel that I should have to wear makeup every day just in order to make myself look presentable.  On the other hand, on the rare occasions when I do want to wear makeup, I’m completely out of practice and just not very good at it.  Certainly I’m not particularly adventurous.  I usually tend towards a light smattering of foundation on my nose if it’s looking shiny, a smear of eyeshadow, some mascara to make it look like I actually own some eyelashes (oh, the joys of being blonde!) and a bit of lipgloss.  Which invariably wears off within 5 minutes and is never reapplied.

The makeup I applied for my graduation in March. The intention was to go for a natural look. Instead I look like I’m not wearing any at all. The blouse and awful black ribbon are not examples of my dire fashion sense, but the required uniform to graduate at my university…

I do wish I wouldn’t go so squinty when I smile.  And that my eyes weren’t quite so bulgy.  And that I weren’t so pale.  *sigh*

There’s basically no chance of me doing my own makeup for the wedding, but I do baulk at the idea of shelling out a small fortune on my face.  Not to mention the fact that my aforementioned sensitive skin could well have a reaction to a brand new product applied for the first time on the wedding day.  I’m terrible when my skin gets itchy – I can’t concentrate on anything but trying desperately not to scratch my face off.  And then failing.

One option would be to buy some new products ahead of time and then asking someone else to apply them for me.  This might be a good idea, not least because I’m due to start a new job in November and probably ought to buy some slightly more expensive makeup and brushes to go with my new professional identity.  However, that still leaves the question of who I could ask to do it and how much I’m really willing to pay…

Or perhaps I should revert to the 12-year-old I never was and spend a few afternoons in the study experimenting with different looks.  After all, I’ve got a year to get it right.  Perhaps a miracle will happen and I’ll suddenly turn into a professional-standard makeup artist.

Are you splashing out on a makeup artist for your big day?  Or are you putting your own face on?  And can you recommend any products which will be able to stand up to a day of wear and inevitable crying?