Other people’s weddings

by clumsylawyer

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of posting over the past week or so.  I have no excuse other than the fact that the UK appears to have developed a summer and I wanted to enjoy it.  Personally, I think that sitting in the park is a good enough excuse!

This weekend A Man and I attended C and P’s wedding and it was beautiful.  The ceremony was held in the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford, where the three of us read law and was followed by a reception at the Four Pillars Hotel.  The weather held and it was sunny but not too hot and I attended my first ever ceilidh.

C and P in the gardens of the Four Pillars Hotel. C was stunning in a Pronovias Porto dress.

C is Scottish and there was a high concentration of kilts at this wedding (the caller of the ceilidh band said that there were the most of any wedding they’d ever played)!  P, being English, wore a morning suit for the ceremony, but changed into C’s family tartan in time for their first dance.

C and P’s first dance.

If you’ve never been to (or heard of) a ceilidh before, they include a folk band (see above) and traditional Scottish dancing.  There was a caller who told us (particularly the English contingent) what to do, whether it was a pairs dance or one done in sets (4 sets of couples dancing together).  It was a lot of fun and I think A Man and I did pretty well!

This is the first wedding we’ve attended since booking our own, so I used the opportunity to have a think about some aspects of our own wedding next year.

Bridesmaids R and S.

My desire to go for floaty bridesmaids’ dresses was confirmed when I saw how lovely C’s four bridesmaids looked.  They seemed fairly comfortable in their dresses which I don’t know that they necessarily would have been had they had more ‘traditional’ dresses.  It also reaffirmed my liking for dresses which aren’t floor length.

The wedding also confirmed that seating plans are important!  A Man and I were lucky enough to be seated with some fantastic people we ended up spending the entire night with.  I’d like to think that when we arrange our seating plans, we’ll do as well at matching personalities up as C and P obviously did!

Great music can keep people entertained all night.  The guests had a lot of fun and a large number were dancing all night.  Although a ceilidh band isn’t for us, it made me very aware of how important it is to ensure that guests are looked after and particularly are encouraged to dance.  We’ll have to have a really good think about the music which is played at our reception.

You really don’t need to feed everyone twice.  C and P didn’t have very many extra evening guests, and after we had eaten our three courses at the wedding breakfast (smoked salmon, confit duck leg and lemon tart – very yummy!) a lot of people didn’t touch the buffet later in the evening.  We’d already decided that we aren’t going to cater for all of the guests with the evening food, and I’m glad we’ve made that decision.

Make sure I have some breakfast.  C said to me that she had started to feel a bit hungry by the time she got to the reception venue, and there were still a couple of hours until we were due to eat.  No matter how nervous I am on the day, I must must must make sue I eat something, and probably charge one of the bridesmaids with organising a couple of emergency snacks for the day.

Ban myself from doing karate before the wedding.  I attended C and P’s wedding sporting some rather attractive split knuckles, gained during a punch bag session at karate during the week.  Whilst it didn’t really matter this time, brides’ hands tend to be fairly heavily photographed and it’s something I’d rather not include in my photos if possible.  Not to mention having to avoid ‘walking’ down the aisle on crutches…

Overall, the wedding was gorgeous, fun and reflected the bride and groom perfectly.  It was lovely to be able to go and to pick out all of the elements which made it special to them.  I hope they will enjoy attending our day as much as we did theirs!  And now, a bonus photo of me and A Man in our chosen outfits.

Not a colour I’d usually wear, but I was very pleased with my dress and didn’t spill anything down it all night! I’d say that’s a definite positive result. Maybe it’s also time to experiment with making A Man’s hair behave itself for our wedding?

Are you attending any family or friends’ weddings whilst planning your own wedding?  Are there any good tips you can share from other people’s weddings?

All photos are personal.