The Ring’s The Thing

by clumsylawyer

When A Man proposed to me, he had picked out my engagement ring all by himself.  I was shocked that he had anything at all – he was a 17-year-old with a Saturday job at a go-kart track, so the thought of him saving up to afford anything containing a diamond was incredible to me.  It’s a quarter carat brilliant cut diamond set in a simple 6 prong claw setting in 18 carat white gold with scrolling on the side.  Very similar to this:

Image from

I recently asked A Man how he picked it out and he said he couldn’t really remember.  I don’t wear very much jewellery and (luckily for A Man’s wallet!) am not a fan of enormous stones so he knew I’d like its simplicity.  He was also very honest with me about the fact that he could actually afford it.  I love my engagement ring.  I’m only size K and I’m really pleased that I can wear something quite delicate without it looking tiny.

Unusually, A Man also wears an engagement ring.  There were a couple of reasons for this; for one thing, I decided that, as we would be engaged for so long it would be nice for him to have something to show his commitment to me just as I do to him, particularly as we’d spend so much time long-distance during university.  For another, much as I adore having an engagement ring, it seemed slightly patriarchal for only me to have one.  So, on 20th July 2007 I gave him a tungsten ring kindof similar to these:

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Neither of us considered when buying the rings how wedding bands would look with them.

Based on family wedding rings, I used to assume that a wedding band was necessarily a simple, plain ring in either white or yellow gold.

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Having spent the past few months constantly looking through wedding sites, however, has opened up a whole new world to me.  Diamond set, intricately engraved, palladium, matching sets, shaped…the list goes on indefinitely.  This has, of course, caused a great deal of confusion.

Neither of us wear yellow gold, so it was an easy decision that we’d both have white metal, and I didn’t particularly want an eternity ring.  Beyond that and knowing that we didn’t want anything like the soppy heart rings above, we had no clue.  We still haven’t bought our wedding bands so it will be interesting to see what we end up with…

How did you choose your wedding rings?  Did you go super-traditional or for something completely unique?