The Ring’s The Thing (Part II)

by clumsylawyer

Today was an exciting day in the Chiffon household – we put down a 50% deposit on our wedding rings!

I was a little bit cheeky with my last post, as I knew full well where I wanted to buy our rings, I just didn’t know whether it was going to be feasible.  A couple of months ago, when we started to discuss the ring issue, A Man spoke to his colleagues to see whether anyone had any recommendations for jewellers in the area.  One of them (who’s getting married this October) very enthusiastically suggested Rachael Ann Bird, an independent goldsmith who is based around 10 miles from where we live.

We went to see her with no clue as to what we wanted, very open to her ideas and designs, and asked her to design without the constraints of a budget.  The sketches she came up with were lovely, and we were really excited to work with her.  I love the fact that in commissioning her to make our rings we can help support a local artist with a small business and the exclusivity of my wedding ring being bespoke makes it feel really special.  A friend of mine said to me a while ago that of all the things to splurge on, your wedding ring is the important one, as it’s the one thing that you’ll wear every day.  This makes a lot of sense, and it’s one of the most logical ways to spend wedding money – it’s an investment.

Unfortunately, the first designs which Rachael sent were outside of our budget (you know, the one we didn’t give her).  After fiddling around with the figures a little, I sent back a number which I hoped we’d be able to work with and she didn’t disappoint!  She’s quick to reply to emails, very easy to talk to and has designed us each a ring which comes within the budget without compromising on the design.  Fabulous!  I’ve also left my charm bracelet with her, so that I can finally have the charms soldered on!

So now to wait for the excitement that will be seeing how our rings progress as they’re made.  I’m currently having to get used to the fact that I’m not wearing my engagement ring too, as she’s keeping hold of it in order to fit my wedding ring to it.  It feels like I should have something on my finger to temporarily replace it.  Haribo anyone..?

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Would you consider commissioning a jeweller to make you a unique ring?  And do you also feel really strange when your engagement ring’s missing?