Spending Time with the In-Laws

by clumsylawyer

Lots of people seem to have big big issues with their in-laws; specifically mothers-in-law.  Perhaps she interferes, or she doesn’t think you’re good enough for her son or you just plain don’t like each other.  Luckily, I have no such concerns as I get on very well with his whole family.

Very drunken dancing with A Man’s mum K and brother S, New Year’s Eve 2008/09. She had recently broken her wrist, hence the lacy glove to try and cover up the cast!

K came to stay last night and we had good dinner and a good laugh.  As A Man had to go to work this morning, K and I wandered into town in the rain to check out the sales at M & Co and the books in the charity shops.  I bought myself a lovely new dress for only £10 which is nowhere to be seen on the website, so no photo of that one!  One of the nice things about M & Co is that there’s a wide variety of everyday and occasion wear, including a lot of wedding-appropriate outfits.  K tried on a gorgeous linen Kaliko dress, just to see what it was like on.  I made her put on the fascinator too and she started to well up…

Shine Loops Fascinator, Shine Shift Dress and Shine Collar Jacket all from kaliko.co.uk.  Collage made my me. Obviously I didn’t have the camera, so no photos of K I’m afraid!

The pleats across the middle of the dress were incredibly flattering and the colour was beautiful.  But K refused to buy the first dress she tried on during a trip which wasn’t intended to be for wedding clothes!  However, now we know there’s a lot of lovely clothes in a shop very close to home, and there is at least now some kind of backup plan if nothing else is found.

Do you get on well with your in-laws?  Did you go shopping with your future Mother-in-Law for her wedding outfit?