Date Night

by clumsylawyer

No matter how long you’ve been together or what your other responsibilities, it’s important to make time to see one another.  I don’t necessarily mean by doing something gushy and romantic, but sending time doing something fun and silly helps to keep a relationship healthy and fresh.

Yesterday, A Man had the day off work and we trekked over to Salisbury to go to the cinema.  Although we watch DVDs at home a fair amount, it’s nice to get out of the house and see something on the big screen, even if it does cost a fortune these days and you’re surrounded by primary school kids.

Yeah, OK, so that latter point might just have something to do with going to see a Disney film. Image from

Not my favourite Pixar film to be sure, but it was fun and I was glad we went to see it.  Before the cinema we had wandered around, eating ice cream outside the cathedral and window shopping.  We had a look at a couple of suits to see if we could find anything for A Man to wear to the wedding, but nothing jumped out as being perfect.

It just highlighted the importance of spending time together, particularly out of the house.  We chatted about stuff, had silly fun and started to formulate a vague kind of idea about the honeymoon (which was exciting!).  We never really ‘dated’ very much, just hung around together, and it’s nice to make the effort to do this sort of thing.

What’s your perfect date?  Do you prefer a simple walk and a chat or something more lavish?