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Month: September, 2012

Show us them pearly whites

So, tell me.  What’s wrong with this photo?

Photo taken by Best Man P during a recent ‘mini holiday’ we all had in Northampton.

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Charmed, I’m (almost) sure

I realised that I had failed to write up a post about my bracelet.  I wrote a few months ago about the fact that I was considering wearing my charm bracelet as part of my wedding day jewellery.  When A Man and I ordered our wedding rings, I left my bracelet and charms with Rachael to solder on.  The price she gave us was far more reasonable than I had been quoted at a big-name jewellery chain, and it reaffirmed my decision that she should be our go-to jeweller in the future.

I picked my bracelet up when we went to have a look at how our rings were progressing a few weeks ago and I’m so pleased with the outcome!  It’s funny – I’ve had all the bits in little boxes for such a long time that actually being able to wear it is really exciting.  It also feels more delicate than I thought it would.

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Etiquette Be Damned

If there’s one wedding-related thing which is almost guaranteed to get me really (and I’ll admit it, unreasonably) riled up, then it’s reading wedding forums’ etiquette boards.  As the forum I’m most involved with is Weddingbee, that’s the one which most frequently feels my wrath, but UKBride and TheKnot haven’t been immune.  Nor have wedding magazines, blogs and anywhere else I might find some ridiculously archaic “rule” of etiquette with which I simply do not agree.

I like some traditions.  For example, I couldn’t imagine Dad not walking me up the aisle, because it’s a way of acknowledging his importance in my upbringing, and in my life today.  I realise that the roots of this tradition come from the ‘property transaction’ of marriage, but the symbolism has (for me at least) evolved into something far more special and poignant.

Steve Martin as George Banks walks Annie up the aisle in Father of the Bride (1991). Image from

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The ‘B’ Word

Several times, A Man and Bridesmaid L have informed me that, in the run-up to the wedding I will be a nightmare who no one will want to be around.  I’ll be moody and shouty and inconsolable when insignificant things go wrong.  In short, I’ll be a Bridezilla.

To me, the word ‘bridezilla’ suggests this.

And having people I love tell me that I’ll be a nightmare makes me want to cry.

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