Charmed, I’m (almost) sure

by clumsylawyer

I realised that I had failed to write up a post about my bracelet.  I wrote a few months ago about the fact that I was considering wearing my charm bracelet as part of my wedding day jewellery.  When A Man and I ordered our wedding rings, I left my bracelet and charms with Rachael to solder on.  The price she gave us was far more reasonable than I had been quoted at a big-name jewellery chain, and it reaffirmed my decision that she should be our go-to jeweller in the future.

I picked my bracelet up when we went to have a look at how our rings were progressing a few weeks ago and I’m so pleased with the outcome!  It’s funny – I’ve had all the bits in little boxes for such a long time that actually being able to wear it is really exciting.  It also feels more delicate than I thought it would.

Once my dress comes in, I’ll wear it to my first fitting, to see how it looks with the whole ensemble.  I hope I like them together, as the charms represent such important memories and milestones from my life.

A pretty poor photo of my charm bracelet.

Rachael suggested pairing the charms in terms of similar size and placing them on opposite sides of the clasp, so that the bracelet would hang evenly, so we have:

“G” and Flip Flop
Legs of Man and Ironbridge
Dragonfly and Stork
Hearts and Stein
Champagne and Guitar
Treble Clef

The blue charm has been placed by itself, next to the heart.  The stone came from the first piece of jewellery A Man bought for me – a necklace given to me when we were about 14 or 15, and worn almost constantly by me for a couple of years until sadly it broke.  The silver wore away where the stone joined the chain, so the two were essentially kept together by will alone.  I decided that, rather than keeping it shut away in a box, I would ask Rachael to re-use the stone on my bracelet.  If I do eventually wear it on my wedding day, it can be my (very sentimental) something blue.

Me, looking rough and putting the necklace on one last time before it was dismantled.  And it’s wonky :/

And, just because I can, one final photo of my bracelet (though this time on me).

If you’d like to see a decent photo of a charm bracelet, here’s one my mum took of hers. The lady has skills. I, sadly, do not.

Have you repurposed something with sentimental value to use for your wedding?  What was it, and does it count towards your “somethings”?