Eye’ve been thinking

by clumsylawyer

I started uni in October of 2008.  I would spend entire days cooped up in my teeny tiny little bedroom, pushing myself to read through my textbook and pages and pages of legal cases.  One of the wonders of the 21st century means that much of the case-reading could be done via the internet.  I therefore spent a large percentage of my day staring at a computer screen.

I started to notice that I was finding it difficult to read slides during lectures, and that it was giving me a headache to concentrate on what was being written.  This is how, in December of 2008, I discovered that I had managed to make myself short sighted.

A Man and I pose in front of the canal in Amsterdam in March. Personal photo.

Although my prescription is very weak, I wear my glasses all the time because it helps to stop those pesky headaches I had started to get in university.  I’ve graduated from the thin little wire-framed ones I started with, to some more ‘statement’ specs – thick plastic frames with wide metal arms (legs?).  However, when I attend a more ‘dressy’ occasion, I tend to go without my glasses on.

At my graduation in March 2012; with A Man and his mum on New Year’s Eve 2011/12; at the Magdalen Ball June 2009. Graduation photo by Gillman and Soame, others personal.

At my graduation, I wore my glasses all through the ceremony, but removed them for the formal photos.  At NYE and the Ball, I just didn’t wear them at all.  The reason?  I had done my makeup and didn’t want it to be hidden behind the frames…

Now, this may seem silly, particularly as none of the above makeup is particularly adventurous (as I’ve said before, I do not specialise in the makeup department!) but because it takes me so long to do, I never want to cover it up!  I also feel that I photograph better at formal events when I’m not wearing my glasses.  The picture of me at the Ball is probably my favourite all-time photo of myself, despite the fact that I have crutches.  However, nor am I wearing contact lenses in those photos.  Because my prescription is so weak, I’ve never seen the point, plus there’s the fact that my numerous allergies mean that putting foreign bodies in my eyes probably isn’t a good plan.  It just means that I get to a point in the evening when I’ve had a few drinks and I’m starting to get a little tired, and all of a sudden I can’t focus properly.

My compromise is that I’ll probably bring my glasses, but not wear them during the ceremony or the formal photos, but I’ll put them on as soon as I feel like I need them.  I don’t want to miss any of my reception because I couldn’t see it!  At least they’ll go with the colour scheme…  I’m also incredibly sensitive to light (damn you, blue eyes!), so I will absolutely have to have my sunglasses on me.  I’m notorious for even wearing them on days which are pretty grey (because of the glare off of the clouds!), and if I have to wear them during our outside ceremony, then so be it.  Better have my eyes totally covered than to be squinting everywhere…

Now, I realise I’m not the only bride to have ever faced this small dilemma, and it’s probably easier for me to say ‘no’ because of the aforementioned weak prescription.  For the time being, here are some cool photos of brides wearing glasses in an attempt to inspire me.  I particularly like the one in the top middle.  Perhaps it’s just the fact that you rarely see photos of bespectacled brides which has conditioned me to think I oughtn’t to wear them.

Images from: Left – intimateweddings.com; Top – offbeatbride.com;                               Bottom – intimateweddings.com; Right – beautyandthegroom.com.

Do you always wear glasses, or perhaps a piece of jewellery, and you’re not sure of whether to do so on your wedding day?