Dream a little dream of me…

by clumsylawyer

Last night I had a dream about the wedding.  It resulted in my waking up, desperately needing a glass of water and not being able to go back to sleep for ages.  Want to know what it was about?

Things going wrong.

It’s crazy to be having anxiety dreams with 9 months left until crunch time, but there we have it.  In my dream, I woke up in my bed at my parents’ house, with A Man.  This wouldn’t be a disaster, but I do envisage us spending the night before the wedding apart, primarily because I imagine that his mum would like to spend some time with him!  I also didn’t realise it was the wedding day, and there were a huge number of things which hadn’t been organised.

I hadn’t collected my wedding dress.  This caused dream-me and dream-Mum immense amounts of stress, and we spent the entire morning of the dream attempting to track down the owners of Frox to try and persuade them to deliver it to us, whilst we ran around in dressing gowns.  The only dress I had with me as a back-up was an incredibly old cotton thing, with holes in it where the washing machine had attacked it last time it was laundered.

Bridesmaids E and L, friend K and her daughter flowergirl B were downstairs getting irate.  None of the dresses fitted, and had to be held together with safety pins.  Nor had I provided them with any breakfast, B was crying and everyone was getting hangry.

Screen shot from urbandictionary.com.

Dream-A Man escaped the drama to go and find his own dream-mum.  Dream-Dad came in and told everyone to calm down, and magically produced a glass of orange juice and an enormous burger for everyone, which even vegetarian bridesmaid L ate.  I ended up shrugging off the missing dress and going to the venue in the revolting cotton thing.  When we arrived at the venue, it turns out no invitations had been sent, and no guests had shown up.  In hindsight this was just as well, as the dream-chef was unwell so there would be no food at the venue.  I saw A Man standing at the end of the aisle and walked towards him.  As the ceremony started, I realised I had no clue about the order, what was going to happen or what my vows would be, because none of this had been arranged.  It was at this point that I woke up.

Have you had any ridiculous anxiety dreams about your wedding day failing to go smoothly?  Any clue why this might have come on?!