Tiddly Om Pom Pom

by clumsylawyer

My adventures with origami continue.  I wrote about my previous attempt to create a cherry blossom pomander and my dissatisfaction with it.  I left it for a few days to have a think.

One evening, I had a brainwave.  There was no particular reason to use all the same style of flowers.  I had inspiration in the unlikely source of the pentagons and hexagons on a football.

Apologies for the mathematical content of this post.  Much as it may be appropriate for my and A Man’s relationship, I promise there will be some pretty photos if you can stick it through to the end!

The petals of the cherry blossom kusudama have a fold in the middle, so I figured making some flowers with five petals and others with six would give the same effect as the pentagons and hexagons above.  Googling “number of pentagons on a football” yielded the following information:

“If we want to make a classic football, we have to sew a truncated isocahedron.  To do this, we have to cut our material into 12 regular pentagons and 20 regular hexagons.”

Ooh-er, a truncated isocahedron, eh?  Quote from mathematics-in-europe.eu.

Creating 12 pentagons (or 5-petal flowers) and 20 hexagons (or 6-petal flowers) required the grand total of 180 individual petals.  For some stupid reason, I decided to make a prototype with the Dreamcatcher papers which don’t match the colour theme.

A mixing bowl full of tiny paper petals.

Pink flowers all glued up and ready to go, and the first “pentagon” surrounded by “hexagons”.

Cutting 2 inch squares, folding them and hot gluing them together took forever.  But I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.  I followed the same basic system as last time: glue each petal to two others.  The resulting ball is slightly larger than before and having smaller flowers means that you can see lots at once.  Would you like to see?

The finished thing! All 180 petals of it…

So, tell me what you think.  And does anyone want to buy a pale pink origami pomander which I won’t use?!

Have you spent a silly amount of time making a useless prototype before embarking on the project ‘proper’?

Photos are personal unless noted otherwise.