Impulse Buys

by clumsylawyer

Yesterday, I took an early morning trip to Southampton for some serious retail therapy.  I was partially intending to buy some new clothes for work (which I succeeded in doing – hurrah!) and partially intending to go to Ikea for a few bits.  No trip to Ikea has ever resulted in only buying ‘a few bits’.  There was one evening I went up to Bristol with my dad to buy a cabinet and it consisted of driving up, buying the cabinet and going home; but even then he still bought himself a coffee and me an ice cream and in any case, it had followed a previous trip that week when they hadn’t had it stock, so really it was part of that previous trip.

Anyway, it’s become something of a joke between me and my parents that any Ikea trip always has to include at least one impulse buy.  Yesterday, a lot was bought on impulse, and I ended up spending rather more than intended.

One of those purchases was what I like to term “legitimate wedding expenditure” – a total of 72 floating candles.

Ikea FENOMEN floating candles. Image from

The candles are a little over an inch in diameter, have an average burn time of 4 hours and were £3.50 for a box of 24.  They’re also fragrance free (hugely important for me!) and are closer to a soft ivory colour than pure white, which is good.  But how do I plan to use them during the wedding?  Well, you’ve heard how I am making non-floral bouquets and nor will the centrepieces be big floral arrangements.

I can only imagine how much my sinuses would bitch at me for doing this. Image from

Probably due to my love of orchids, the following photo really caught my eye.  It’s modern and simple, and means that we can use fresh flowers whilst ensuring any potential allergens aren’t able to become airborne.

I like the idea of several small vases of differing heights clustered together, with flowers submerged in them and floating candles on the top.  The candles conjure up a romantic atmosphere, whilst the flowers will add some colour to the tables.  I’m not yet sure which flowers we’ll be using.  There’s a florist my mum buys from fairly frequently, who is based in a town close to the venue, so I intend to buy from him.  I imagine we will use a variety of different flowers in various shades of purple and will probably leave the selection up to the florist’s best professional judgment.

As for the vases, I have plans with regards a DIY, budget-friendly solution but will be holding off on talking about it until it has been attempted.

There are lots of different ways you can do a submerged centrepiece.  Single stems, loose blooms, pebbles, entire bouquets, even bare branches can look incredibly chic.  Check out my pinterest board for some more ideas.

What kind of centrepieces (if any) are you having?