Making a (cake) stand

by clumsylawyer

F (one of A Man’s former colleagues) is getting married this Saturday to N.  Having discovered that I can knit (guess who told her!) she asked if I could knit up some small flowers in a range of blues for her.  After having little success with the patterns I found on the web, I ended up creating some of my own which turned out rather more successfully!  It came at a fairly good time as I’m currently in limbo between having finished my postgraduate course, left the supermarket and not yet started my ‘real’ job.

Knowing that I love all things weddingy, F invited me over to decorate her cake stand (which was the reason she had asked for the knitted flowers).  There’s not a huge amount to write about it, so I’ll let the photos do the talking (all photos are personal, apologies in advance for the poor quality…).

We started by wrapping some ribbon around the stand’s uprights and putting a very important plate of chocolate biccies on the middle tier!

Some of the bits and pieces we used.

N is an English teacher, so F made some tissue paper flowers with leaves made out of pages from Sense and Sensibility.

F’s little hand-painted family cake topper: her, N, N’s three children and the cats!

Tissue paper flowers nestled against white foam roses and little knitted blooms.

The completed thing. I’ll hopefully manage to get a better photo (including cake) at the reception on Saturday.

Have you helped anyone else with their wedding DIY projects?  Has it fit in OK with trying to get your own things done?