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Making a (cake) stand

F (one of A Man’s former colleagues) is getting married this Saturday to N.  Having discovered that I can knit (guess who told her!) she asked if I could knit up some small flowers in a range of blues for her.  After having little success with the patterns I found on the web, I ended up creating some of my own which turned out rather more successfully!  It came at a fairly good time as I’m currently in limbo between having finished my postgraduate course, left the supermarket and not yet started my ‘real’ job.

Knowing that I love all things weddingy, F invited me over to decorate her cake stand (which was the reason she had asked for the knitted flowers).  There’s not a huge amount to write about it, so I’ll let the photos do the talking (all photos are personal, apologies in advance for the poor quality…).

We started by wrapping some ribbon around the stand’s uprights and putting a very important plate of chocolate biccies on the middle tier!

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Impulse Buys

Yesterday, I took an early morning trip to Southampton for some serious retail therapy.  I was partially intending to buy some new clothes for work (which I succeeded in doing – hurrah!) and partially intending to go to Ikea for a few bits.  No trip to Ikea has ever resulted in only buying ‘a few bits’.  There was one evening I went up to Bristol with my dad to buy a cabinet and it consisted of driving up, buying the cabinet and going home; but even then he still bought himself a coffee and me an ice cream and in any case, it had followed a previous trip that week when they hadn’t had it stock, so really it was part of that previous trip.

Anyway, it’s become something of a joke between me and my parents that any Ikea trip always has to include at least one impulse buy.  Yesterday, a lot was bought on impulse, and I ended up spending rather more than intended.

One of those purchases was what I like to term “legitimate wedding expenditure” – a total of 72 floating candles.

Ikea FENOMEN floating candles. Image from

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Tiddly Om Pom Pom

My adventures with origami continue.  I wrote about my previous attempt to create a cherry blossom pomander and my dissatisfaction with it.  I left it for a few days to have a think.

One evening, I had a brainwave.  There was no particular reason to use all the same style of flowers.  I had inspiration in the unlikely source of the pentagons and hexagons on a football.

Apologies for the mathematical content of this post.  Much as it may be appropriate for my and A Man’s relationship, I promise there will be some pretty photos if you can stick it through to the end!

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Paper Pomanders

I’ve already discussed my intention to have origami flowers at the wedding, and spoke ages ago about the fact that I will have two very cute flower girls.  Now, I’m not sure whether our venue permits petals to be scattered by small children, but in any case that’s not really my style.  Instead, I’ve been inspired by pictures like these to give our flower girls pomanders to hold.

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My new toys

DIY wedding projects have given me a great excuse to buy myself two new crafting toys.  Whilst it might seem like a poor attempt at justifying the expense, I really will use them again!  They are…

Paper trimmer and hot glue gun, both from

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I’ve slipped into a bit of a wedding funk recently – I’ve got lots of time to do things, but I’m not sure what to do or where to start.  Either I’ve gone as far as I can with some DIY thing, I’ve started it and got fed up or I feel like it’s something best left for a couple of months.  Instead I’ve got myself stuck into a project which has been on the backburner for a while: making a coat for Best Man P.

Partially completed and hanging from the light fitting in my living room.

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Hen Party Flourless Chocolate Cake

For Friend C’s hen do, I agreed to make a cake.  It was something I had been planning to do anyway, and it allowed Chief Bridesmaid I to save some time for organising other bits.  I had decided to make a chocolate cake (let’s face it, it’s usually a fairly safe bet!) and went for flourless so that it would last a few days (I’ve been so busy, there was no way I could make it just before).

To avoid cluttering up this post, the recipe for the cake is here and the instructions for decoration are here.

Now for some photos.  My inspiration for this cake came from this photo:

Aren’t they so adorable?! Photo from

I came across a couple of hitches.  One was that I was a bit rushed for time, and they are time-consuming.  The second was that I could only get very small strawberries, which made it a bit more difficult to do.  But overall, I think it went pretty well.  I even sprayed the ‘bride’ with some edible pearl spray to make her a bit more special 🙂 Now, time to prepare yourself for a bombardment of photos of the chocolate strawberry making process:

1. Melting the chocolate in a double-boiler
2. Dividing up the strawberries
3. Leaving the ‘men’ to dry on greaseproof paper
4. After the ‘ladies’ have been dipped
5. After the jackets have been added
6. The finished cake!

Flower Girls and Colouring In

As well as my grown-up bridesmaids, I am asking two little girls to be in my wedding party.  One is A Man’s youngest cousin P.  She’s approaching 5 years old and will be almost 6 on the wedding day.  The other is my friend’s little girl B.  She’ll only be 2 and a half on the big day, so it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.  It won’t matter if one or both of them end up refusing to go down the aisle – at least they’ll look lovely on the day!

B probably won’t really understand what’s going on, and almost certainly won’t remember it afterwards.  P on the other hand would probably like to know more about it and so I was trying to come up with a good way to tell her all about it.  I’ve seen a lot of brides online who have made up activity packs for their younger guests and so the idea came to me of making a kind of story book with pictures for P to colour in.  I’ll also make one for B while I’m at it, even if she won’t understand!

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