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No, please don’t buy us *things*!

It is a lovely thing that so many people enjoy giving gifts to couples who are getting married.  Of course, traditionally it would be the first time that couple would have lived together.  They would usually be young and would need all the help they could get, so bedsheets and crockery were essential presents so that they had something to sleep under and eat off of.  The modern bride and groom, however, are in a quite different state.  The average age for a UK bride is 30; for a groom it’s 32.  Marriage is likely to come after one or both parties have studied and established themselves within successful careers and one they have already lived together for a number of years, possibly in a house that they both own.

William and Kate were 28 and 29 when they married. Image from

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Other people’s weddings

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of posting over the past week or so.  I have no excuse other than the fact that the UK appears to have developed a summer and I wanted to enjoy it.  Personally, I think that sitting in the park is a good enough excuse!

This weekend A Man and I attended C and P’s wedding and it was beautiful.  The ceremony was held in the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford, where the three of us read law and was followed by a reception at the Four Pillars Hotel.  The weather held and it was sunny but not too hot and I attended my first ever ceilidh.

C and P in the gardens of the Four Pillars Hotel. C was stunning in a Pronovias Porto dress.

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Guest List Guilt

Having sat together and composed our guest list the other day, I have since transferred it into my mega-organisational spreadsheet.  This has led to a significant amount of guilt on my part due to the fact that the guest list appears to be comprised primarily of my guests.  I have (in true maths-geek style) created some beautiful charts and graphs to show what I mean.

Warning!  Boring, statistical analysis ahead!  Read on if you dare…

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Are you an A, B or C?

On Monday, A Man and I sat down to talk about our guest list.  We had already vaguely discussed it a couple of summers ago, when we were trying to work out a timetable for when we actually would be able to get married and how big our guest list would end up looking.  He had come to visit me at university, and we sat on the lawn outside my staircase, drinking tea and writing down the names of members of our families.

I’ve been bugging him for weeks to try and sit with me to work out who we were going to invite to our wedding.  As I’ve had so much free time, it’s something I’ve thought about a lot, and I basically already had a draft list in my head.  A Man, on the other hand, has a real world job with real world responsibilities and hadn’t actually really considered who he would like to be there with us.

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