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The ‘B’ Word

Several times, A Man and Bridesmaid L have informed me that, in the run-up to the wedding I will be a nightmare who no one will want to be around.  I’ll be moody and shouty and inconsolable when insignificant things go wrong.  In short, I’ll be a Bridezilla.

To me, the word ‘bridezilla’ suggests this.

And having people I love tell me that I’ll be a nightmare makes me want to cry.

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Other people’s weddings

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of posting over the past week or so.  I have no excuse other than the fact that the UK appears to have developed a summer and I wanted to enjoy it.  Personally, I think that sitting in the park is a good enough excuse!

This weekend A Man and I attended C and P’s wedding and it was beautiful.  The ceremony was held in the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford, where the three of us read law and was followed by a reception at the Four Pillars Hotel.  The weather held and it was sunny but not too hot and I attended my first ever ceilidh.

C and P in the gardens of the Four Pillars Hotel. C was stunning in a Pronovias Porto dress.

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Joining Pinterest

I have been using my own method of collecting inspiration photos – by using Microsoft OneNote and making my own note of the sources.  Loads of people have asked me whether I’ve joined Pinterest to help with the wedding planning.  For a while I had absolutely no bloody clue what people meant!  However, after a little research I can understand why it’s a useful tool.  Being able to store all of your inspiration photos in one place is a great plan and having the source automatically updated makes loads of sense because let’s face it, how many times have we all found something online and then had no clue where it was from?

So I requested a Pinterest invitation, and have joined up.  I filled in all my details, clicked on some things I was interested in…and then panicked.

There were immediately tons of photos on the screen.  I had no clue where they came from and apparently I’m now following a whole load of people whom the Pinterest gods believe I must be interested in.  Eek!  After becoming overwhelmed with the colour and sensory input, I immediately closed the page.  I just couldn’t handle it.

I’ve since braved another peek at it and I’m actually a big fan!  With a ‘Pin It’ button on my toolbar, I can immediately capture a photo which takes my fancy, without having to faff around.  I’ve got this feeling that I’m going to become a little obsessed…

Do you use Pinterest, or some other computer wizardry to help with your wedding planning?  What’s your advice to a Pinterest newbie like myself – is it worth trying to stick with?  And just in case you’re interested in what I’m pinning, my username is clumsylawyer 🙂

Truly inspirational

Yesterday I talked about the different wedding themes I’ve spied on the internet, and the elements I will and will not be incorporating but I never said anything about how I see our wedding playing out.

I have one person in particular who’s my main wedding inspiration: Cousin E.

Cousin E with my dad on her wedding day

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“So, what’s your theme?”

This is a question a lot of people have asked me when they find out that we’re getting married (or, if we’ve known them for a long time, that we’ve set a date).  In truth we don’t have one; at least not something named.  Honestly, I think the ‘theme’ thing is more of an American thing which hasn’t fully made its way over here yet but of course I could be wrong about that.  I’ve run across a number of different theme trends in blogs on the web but none of them were quite for us…

Disclaimer – Please don’t be offended if anything I say here pertains to your wedding!  These are my points of view and I completely realise that everyone else is entitled to their own 😉

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An outlet for my obsession

I’m getting married next year.  Such has been true for a long time, but these days it seems more real than ever.  We have been engaged for a long time (though that is a story for another day) and in October took the plunge and actually booked our venue.

The thing is this.  There’s still over a year before we get married (411 days, not that I’m counting…) and various things can’t (or don’t need to) be done yet.  We’ve got our venue sorted for the date we wanted and that’s the big ticket item.  Telling myself this doesn’t stop me thinking about it though!

This year I’ve been a student on a course which doesn’t challenge me enough and leaves me with far too much free time on my hands, leading to an unhealthy obsession with scouring the internet for wedding inspiration.  I have decided to start keeping a blog as this summer will see the end of my education, and my final summer before starting work, during which I can finally start planning my and A Man’s wedding.  I look forward to sharing it with you.