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Charmed, I’m (almost) sure

I realised that I had failed to write up a post about my bracelet.  I wrote a few months ago about the fact that I was considering wearing my charm bracelet as part of my wedding day jewellery.  When A Man and I ordered our wedding rings, I left my bracelet and charms with Rachael to solder on.  The price she gave us was far more reasonable than I had been quoted at a big-name jewellery chain, and it reaffirmed my decision that she should be our go-to jeweller in the future.

I picked my bracelet up when we went to have a look at how our rings were progressing a few weeks ago and I’m so pleased with the outcome!  It’s funny – I’ve had all the bits in little boxes for such a long time that actually being able to wear it is really exciting.  It also feels more delicate than I thought it would.

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Etiquette Be Damned

If there’s one wedding-related thing which is almost guaranteed to get me really (and I’ll admit it, unreasonably) riled up, then it’s reading wedding forums’ etiquette boards.  As the forum I’m most involved with is Weddingbee, that’s the one which most frequently feels my wrath, but UKBride and TheKnot haven’t been immune.  Nor have wedding magazines, blogs and anywhere else I might find some ridiculously archaic “rule” of etiquette with which I simply do not agree.

I like some traditions.  For example, I couldn’t imagine Dad not walking me up the aisle, because it’s a way of acknowledging his importance in my upbringing, and in my life today.  I realise that the roots of this tradition come from the ‘property transaction’ of marriage, but the symbolism has (for me at least) evolved into something far more special and poignant.

Steve Martin as George Banks walks Annie up the aisle in Father of the Bride (1991). Image from

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The ‘B’ Word

Several times, A Man and Bridesmaid L have informed me that, in the run-up to the wedding I will be a nightmare who no one will want to be around.  I’ll be moody and shouty and inconsolable when insignificant things go wrong.  In short, I’ll be a Bridezilla.

To me, the word ‘bridezilla’ suggests this.

And having people I love tell me that I’ll be a nightmare makes me want to cry.

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My new toys

DIY wedding projects have given me a great excuse to buy myself two new crafting toys.  Whilst it might seem like a poor attempt at justifying the expense, I really will use them again!  They are…

Paper trimmer and hot glue gun, both from

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I’ve slipped into a bit of a wedding funk recently – I’ve got lots of time to do things, but I’m not sure what to do or where to start.  Either I’ve gone as far as I can with some DIY thing, I’ve started it and got fed up or I feel like it’s something best left for a couple of months.  Instead I’ve got myself stuck into a project which has been on the backburner for a while: making a coat for Best Man P.

Partially completed and hanging from the light fitting in my living room.

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This is so cool! Not sure it’ll be something I can do, but definitely something I’d love to help someone else out with!

With the photo booth wall being my first REAL DIY project I decided to maybe help some people out by given some in depth directions on how I pulled it off….as much as I can anyway. My first piece of advice is to get some help! When I say help I mean someone who knows what they are doing. Yes your MOH or BFF may be crafty, but so am I and this project was on a different level. I knew it would make things easier for me to have a couple of engineers help out. BUT I now realize this project would NOT have even been possible without their expertise.

So moving a long…I took pictures of as much as I could and still unfortunately I missed some shots I wish I could show you. We will work around that. I hope the pictures I have can give you…

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Date Night

No matter how long you’ve been together or what your other responsibilities, it’s important to make time to see one another.  I don’t necessarily mean by doing something gushy and romantic, but sending time doing something fun and silly helps to keep a relationship healthy and fresh.

Yesterday, A Man had the day off work and we trekked over to Salisbury to go to the cinema.  Although we watch DVDs at home a fair amount, it’s nice to get out of the house and see something on the big screen, even if it does cost a fortune these days and you’re surrounded by primary school kids.

Yeah, OK, so that latter point might just have something to do with going to see a Disney film. Image from

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Spending Time with the In-Laws

Lots of people seem to have big big issues with their in-laws; specifically mothers-in-law.  Perhaps she interferes, or she doesn’t think you’re good enough for her son or you just plain don’t like each other.  Luckily, I have no such concerns as I get on very well with his whole family.

Very drunken dancing with A Man’s mum K and brother S, New Year’s Eve 2008/09. She had recently broken her wrist, hence the lacy glove to try and cover up the cast!

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The Ring’s The Thing (Part II)

Today was an exciting day in the Chiffon household – we put down a 50% deposit on our wedding rings!

I was a little bit cheeky with my last post, as I knew full well where I wanted to buy our rings, I just didn’t know whether it was going to be feasible.  A couple of months ago, when we started to discuss the ring issue, A Man spoke to his colleagues to see whether anyone had any recommendations for jewellers in the area.  One of them (who’s getting married this October) very enthusiastically suggested Rachael Ann Bird, an independent goldsmith who is based around 10 miles from where we live.

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No, please don’t buy us *things*!

It is a lovely thing that so many people enjoy giving gifts to couples who are getting married.  Of course, traditionally it would be the first time that couple would have lived together.  They would usually be young and would need all the help they could get, so bedsheets and crockery were essential presents so that they had something to sleep under and eat off of.  The modern bride and groom, however, are in a quite different state.  The average age for a UK bride is 30; for a groom it’s 32.  Marriage is likely to come after one or both parties have studied and established themselves within successful careers and one they have already lived together for a number of years, possibly in a house that they both own.

William and Kate were 28 and 29 when they married. Image from

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