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This is so cool! Not sure it’ll be something I can do, but definitely something I’d love to help someone else out with!

With the photo booth wall being my first REAL DIY project I decided to maybe help some people out by given some in depth directions on how I pulled it off….as much as I can anyway. My first piece of advice is to get some help! When I say help I mean someone who knows what they are doing. Yes your MOH or BFF may be crafty, but so am I and this project was on a different level. I knew it would make things easier for me to have a couple of engineers help out. BUT I now realize this project would NOT have even been possible without their expertise.

So moving a long…I took pictures of as much as I could and still unfortunately I missed some shots I wish I could show you. We will work around that. I hope the pictures I have can give you…

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I cooked A Man a 3 course meal in celebration of our anniversary last night. Here’s a run-down of what we had, via my cooking blog.


Hi there!

Yesterday was A Man and my anniversary.  It’s now 6 years since we’ve been engaged, and our wedding is finally less than a year away! As I had the day off and he was working I decided to cook a yummy 3 course dinner, complete with actually setting the table nicely, with a tablecloth.  I must admit to going a little over the top.  I bought fillet steak when rump would have done the trick, but the steak was short-date so substantially reduced.  There was also no need to make quite such an enormous dessert, but I’ve only got one spring-form tin and it’s that big.  It’ll hopefully get eaten during the week.

My menu was:

Starter Home-made duck liver parfait with a side salad and herb ciabatta toasts
Main Peppered fillet steak with baked potato wedges, tomatoes and flat mushrooms, served with a peppercorn sauce
Dessert Vanilla…

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A great body-image related post!

Heart's like crazy paving

If you know me much at all online, you’ll probably have seen I’ve been playing around with my look lately. I tend towards casual clothing, no make up, trainers. Well, that look remains. I don’t like make up much. I prefer casual dressing. But little hints have been creeping in.

For example, lace gloves (or imitation lace at any rate). I always liked them but never had the confidence to wear them. Same with elbow-length arm warmers, striped. Always striped.

I have a tunic/dress type top that is very short that I only recently acquired the confidence to wear with leggings instead of jeans.

Picked up a couple of flowery garland headdresses, and wear them. Not at the same time; I do have limits. Anyway they’re adorable.

Today I have Elflocks in my hair. They’re available on Etsy here and they’re my alternative to dying my hair. That’s one thing…

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