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A Touch of Blue

On Saturday evening, A Man and I went to F and N’s wedding reception.  It was a great fun evening with a lot of entertainment for the guests and the dress code of “A touch of blue”.  I just thought I’d share a few photos from the evening.

As promised, a photo of the cake on the cake stand I helped to decorate.

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I hereby give notice…

Yesterday, A Man and I gave notice of marriage at the Registration Office in Chippenham.  This is one of the legal steps to take if you’re planning a civil marriage ceremony in England or Wales and a similar process exists if you’d like to have a civil partnership.

Your notice of intent to marry has to be publicly displayed for 15 days before the certificate is issued and it is valid for a year after notice has been given.  It cost us £35 each to give notice.  Of course, the Registry Office is only open during office hours, so A Man had to take a couple of hours off.  Luckily, he managed to arrange an appointment for us before I started the new job, so we could go in together.

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Impulse Buys

Yesterday, I took an early morning trip to Southampton for some serious retail therapy.  I was partially intending to buy some new clothes for work (which I succeeded in doing – hurrah!) and partially intending to go to Ikea for a few bits.  No trip to Ikea has ever resulted in only buying ‘a few bits’.  There was one evening I went up to Bristol with my dad to buy a cabinet and it consisted of driving up, buying the cabinet and going home; but even then he still bought himself a coffee and me an ice cream and in any case, it had followed a previous trip that week when they hadn’t had it stock, so really it was part of that previous trip.

Anyway, it’s become something of a joke between me and my parents that any Ikea trip always has to include at least one impulse buy.  Yesterday, a lot was bought on impulse, and I ended up spending rather more than intended.

One of those purchases was what I like to term “legitimate wedding expenditure” – a total of 72 floating candles.

Ikea FENOMEN floating candles. Image from

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Tiddly Om Pom Pom

My adventures with origami continue.  I wrote about my previous attempt to create a cherry blossom pomander and my dissatisfaction with it.  I left it for a few days to have a think.

One evening, I had a brainwave.  There was no particular reason to use all the same style of flowers.  I had inspiration in the unlikely source of the pentagons and hexagons on a football.

Apologies for the mathematical content of this post.  Much as it may be appropriate for my and A Man’s relationship, I promise there will be some pretty photos if you can stick it through to the end!

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Paper Pomanders

I’ve already discussed my intention to have origami flowers at the wedding, and spoke ages ago about the fact that I will have two very cute flower girls.  Now, I’m not sure whether our venue permits petals to be scattered by small children, but in any case that’s not really my style.  Instead, I’ve been inspired by pictures like these to give our flower girls pomanders to hold.

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Show us them pearly whites

So, tell me.  What’s wrong with this photo?

Photo taken by Best Man P during a recent ‘mini holiday’ we all had in Northampton.

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My new toys

DIY wedding projects have given me a great excuse to buy myself two new crafting toys.  Whilst it might seem like a poor attempt at justifying the expense, I really will use them again!  They are…

Paper trimmer and hot glue gun, both from

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The Ring’s The Thing (Part II)

Today was an exciting day in the Chiffon household – we put down a 50% deposit on our wedding rings!

I was a little bit cheeky with my last post, as I knew full well where I wanted to buy our rings, I just didn’t know whether it was going to be feasible.  A couple of months ago, when we started to discuss the ring issue, A Man spoke to his colleagues to see whether anyone had any recommendations for jewellers in the area.  One of them (who’s getting married this October) very enthusiastically suggested Rachael Ann Bird, an independent goldsmith who is based around 10 miles from where we live.

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The Ring’s The Thing

When A Man proposed to me, he had picked out my engagement ring all by himself.  I was shocked that he had anything at all – he was a 17-year-old with a Saturday job at a go-kart track, so the thought of him saving up to afford anything containing a diamond was incredible to me.  It’s a quarter carat brilliant cut diamond set in a simple 6 prong claw setting in 18 carat white gold with scrolling on the side.  Very similar to this:

Image from

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